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About Clymping Dog Sanctuary

The Clymping Dog Sanctuary was started 51 years ago by Mrs Kathleen Grellier.

The aim of the sanctuary is to find homes for any waifs and strays or otherwise unwanted dogs, making sure they are properly cared for in the meantime.

The policy of the sanctuary is never to put a clinically healthy dog down, which means we sometimes have a few long term "stayers" until the right owner comes along.

Unfortunately we do have dogs that we feel will never be homed, as they have behaviour problems that do not suit the average household. These are the type of dogs that we have a sponsorship scheme for.

The average cost of a dog per day is approx £11  and that entails the heating, cleaning, food etc. but doesn't include any vetinary bills!

If you would like to sponsor one our dogs, please find out more on our donations and sponsorship page.