Process Of Adopting A Clymping Dog

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You can’t buy love but you can rescue it!

More than 100,000 dogs await new owners in UK adoption shelters.

Why adopt?

For many, the idea of adopting or ‘rescuing’ a dog carries with it a certain image. Some people mistakenly look at dog adoption as if it’s buying cheap, discounted or broken goods. As more and more dogs find themselves, through no fault of their own, in need of a new home, the image of the ‘rescue dog’ is in need of an  we think!

No longer are shelters the preserve of the ‘problem dog’, but they are packed with dogs of all types, from all manner of backgrounds and circumstances. 

We update our dogs on Facebook and on this website as often as we can but dogs come in daily to us so it is always worth calling or popping up – you never know who might be waiting for you here.

We put together some tips for you for when you visit… 

1. You're going to meet a lot of dogs and hear a lot of details about them - bring a pen and paper to jot down some notes so you can remind yourself later. Everyone these days has a camera on their phone and it is ok to take photographs of the ones that catch your eye.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Remember, it's a dog shelter, not a cocktail party, so dress accordingly! You're going to be getting down and at least a little bit dirty with dogs who may not have had a bath recently and who may not know that they shouldn't jump or climb on you - the dogs are craving love and attention so they will be excited to see you.
3. Bring the family! You are essentially choosing another member of your family so adopting a dog should be a team effort. We want to avoid at all costs a scenario where you have to bring the dog back simply because it was not the dog your other half was expecting!

Please don't bring any other dogs or pets along with you unless you have discussed it with us first. We are happy to arrange for your existing dog to meet their potential brother or sister but this is something that has to be done with careful thought.
4. Leave yourself plenty of time - probably at least a couple of hours - so you can get to know a handful of dogs and let us tell you all we know about him or her. We promise to be completely honest with you about our dogs and also tell you if we think a dog may not be right for you. Our aim is to find forever homes for every dog that has come to us but it has to be the right home.