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Donate today to support our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome

Clymping Dog Sanctuary relies entirely on the kindness of supporters like you to give abandoned and neglected dogs a second chance. Here at the sanctuary, every penny truly goes a long way.

Here’s a glimpse into the cost of caring for our furry friends:

Daily Expenses: Just keeping one dog happy and healthy costs £25 a day.

Medical Care: Our average monthly vet bill is a staggering £3-4,000! We believe every dog deserves the treatment they need, regardless of the cost.

Lifelong Commitment: Some dogs come to us with special needs or require more time to find their forever home, leading to an average cost of £9,800 a year per dog.

Essential Preventative Care: Each dog is neutered (around £300), chipped, and wormed (£20) to ensure their well-being and prevent future complications.

Keeping a Safe Haven: Even our kennels require ongoing maintenance (around £100 a month) to provide a clean and comfortable environment.

Your generous donation, no matter the size, has a powerful impact. It could provide a nutritious meal, a comfy bed, or even life-saving medical care for a dog in need. Donate today and become a champion for these deserving dogs! Let’s rewrite their stories together.



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