How You Can Help Us

Every dog in our sanctuary is given the utmost care and love, and some of these never find homes outside our sanctuary, so they become our permanent residents. Our dogs are fed regularly with good wholesome food, sick dogs are treated until they’re restored to good health, and we make sure that they receive their inoculations so that they stay in good health. Even in those unfortunate times when one of our dogs takes its last breath, we still make sure that this is done in a dignified manner. And bath times are a treat! These beauties are cleaned and trimmed regularly, and most of them just love their pamper sessions.

As with everything else in life, taking care of our dogs’ costs, and some animals need more attention than others. Our charity is small and is run mainly on the generosity and donation of kind strangers. Because we are determined, we also run our own fundraising activities, and every penny that we receive goes into the maintenance of our dogs. We don’t pay exorbitant salaries or marketing fees, so our dogs get the maximum benefit of your donation.

We understand that there are many people that would love to have a pet, but simply lack the time. Don’t let this stop you. Providing for our sanctuarys’ needs makes you a part of something greater, and making donations to our sanctuary is simple. You can donate by hitting the sponsor a dog, kennel or the sanctuary below for either a one-off donation or set up a regular monthly donation too. Your support goes a long way in making life better for our furry friends, and every penny is received with gratitude and appreciation.

We know that we cannot do this without your help, and we commit to ensuring that every donation always goes to making our sanctuary a haven for dogs that would otherwise have no hope.

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Things we always need

We are always in need of blankets, duvets and dog beds. Dog food, treats and toys are always very welcome. We can make use of almost all your unwanted doggie items – if we ever have too much then we make sure it goes to other dogs in need.

We also have a regular Market Stall at the Littlehampton Friday Market and run car boot sales too! We will gladly take any items you think we can sell to turn into £££ for our pups.

Dog walking

Walking our dogs is great exercise for you and wonderful socialisation for our dogs. We have a beautiful riverside walk nearby. Our dogs always love to go out and it helps them pass the time while they are in kennels with us. Call us on 01903 883116 for more info.


We’re always looking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles from organising our events, helping us with administration and IT and helping us raise much needed funds to keep our Sanctuary going. Please email or join our friendly Facebook Volunteer Group. 


If you are planning on jumping out of a plane anytime soon, bake a thousand cupcakes, or sit in a bath of baked beans then do it for Clymping Dog Sanctuary! We will help you advertise your event on our social media and website and support you all the way!