Sponsor a long term resident

We're on a mission to raise £3,750 of recurring donations!

It costs £25 a day to keep our dogs in comfortable accommodation, pay for a team to look after them, feed them, pay for medical bills and any specialist care that they need.  With so many long term dogs this can push our monthly bills in excess of £3,750+ which must all be fundraised. We have no grants or incomes we can rely on.

So if you can take the time today to make a regular donation to support our dogs, we and them would be so very grateful.  Having regular donations gives us security knowing that the funds are regular and gives us peace of mind that we can go on supporting the dogs in need. 

Meet Aimee

Aimee has been at our sanctuary since June 2021 which makes her our longest term resident. Aimee came from an environment that did not give her the best start in life, which has now left her with some challenges.  The biggest of which is that she is now very scared of loud bangs and noises and when spooked she can jump 6 ft fences meaning most home environments are just not suitable for her.  However, she is a wonderful dog & loves to play and our team along with her volunteer dog walkers love her. Whilst we acknowledge the fact we would love to find Aimee that loving home, it may never be safe for her. We will commit to working hard to ensure that she is as loved & cared for as we can for as long as she needs us & never give up on her.
Can you support us in caring for Aimee for the rest of her days by becoming a sponsor for her? To care for Aimee we have to cover ongoing costs including her kennel, staff to care for her, food, regular check ups, medication and enrichment activities to keep her spirits high.  Aimee is getting older, so her needs will grow as she stays with us, making her a priority for sponsorship.

Meet Pip

The lovely Pip is also one of our long term residents.  Pip has been successful in finding a couple of homes in his time with us, where the families have worked very hard with professionals to help manage his behaviour, but sadly it has not worked out & he is now back with us.  Pip, like many of our dogs, had a complicated start in life which led to resource guarding, so having his own kennel works best for Pip now.  Pip is so popular with our volunteer dog walkers, who come every day and take him on the best adventures.  So living with us for Pip, is the best way to give him a happy life.  However, he is a young dog and we will need to cover his care for many years to come.

Meet Ralphy

Ralphy’s story is heartwarming yet incomplete. He has brightened our sanctuary for half of his life, charming everyone on his walks.  Like most English Bulldogs he is a big dog, full of mischief but strong.  Ralphy would need to be the only dog in the home, and can get very protective over his humans. All of which means that it is taking far longer than we would like to find him that forever sofa.
Ralphy brings so much laughter and fun to the sanctuary team and he is so popular with dog walkers. Whilst we all adore him this boy can EAT! So please if you can spare a donation on a regular basis to help pay for his kennel, care, medical support, food and treats (he adores a large bone) then we would be very grateful.  So would Ralphy!

Meet Hettie

What a sad start Hettie had. When she came to us she had not been walked in a couple of years.  A really basic need for a dog, but sadly one that Hettie was not given until she came into our care.  Our team has been working so hard with Hettie and we are delighted to say that now, she is really good on the lead and able to finally love her dog walks.  Hettie absolutely loves people, can’t get enough of the cuddles and play time & loves nothing more than running around in the paddock with a ball.

However, Hettie is dog reactive which means she must be muzzled when on a dog walk and can be the only dog in the home.  Sadly this often puts people off adopting Hettie so she has been with us far longer than we would like.  

So we would love your support to help keep Hettie in our kennels and have the best quality of life that she can.

Meet Pharaoh

This beautiful boy like so many of our long term dogs has had a very sad start in life.  Pharoah has spent much of his very short life in a kennel and has never been in a home.  This has made him very anxious and shy when he first meets people & now due to the stress of being in a kennel, dog reactive on walks.  However, look how beautiful this boy is! He loves to play & gives the best cuddles when he feels that he can trust you. The right family would need to have him as the only dog and spend a lot of time training him.  This means that sadly Pharaoh will probably be with us longer than he should, especially being such a young dog.

We will need to support him with kennels, food, veterinary care & training, so we would be so grateful for any monthly donations you can give us.