Sponsor a long term resident!

Sponsor Aimee!

Aimee has been at the sanctuary since June 2021.  She’s been with us for quite some time, patiently waiting for her forever home.  While we provide all the love and care we can, there’s no substitute for a loving family.

Sponsoring Aimee helps us cover the ongoing costs associated with her long-term stay. This includes things like food, regular checkups, and fun enrichment activities to keep her spirits high. Every contribution, big or small, gets her closer to finding her perfect match.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive heartwarming updates on Aimee’s journey, filled with adorable photos and stories. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re directly impacting her well-being and happiness!

Can you be the friend Aimee needs? Sponsor her today and help her find her happily ever after!

Sponsor Pip!

Give Pip the gift of a forever friend!

While Pip’s journey to a forever home hasn’t quite gone as planned, he’s found a loving sanctuary family. Due to his friendly personality, he’s become a favorite among our walkers!

Here’s where you can make a real difference:

Pip deserves a lifetime of happiness and care. By becoming a recurring sponsor, you’ll be his partner in ensuring he receives everything he needs to thrive at the sanctuary. Your ongoing support will help cover his food, medical care, enrichment activities, and even special treats to keep his tail wagging!

Imagine the impact you can make:

  • Reliable care: Your monthly contribution will ensure Pip has access to top-notch veterinary care and nutritious meals throughout his life.
  • Enriched life: Your support allows us to provide Pip with stimulating toys and activities that keep him happy and engaged.
  • Special treats: Help us spoil Pip with enrichment walks and yummy treats – because every dog deserves a little pampering!

Become Pip’s lifelong friend today!

By choosing a recurring donation, you’ll provide Pip with a steady stream of love and support, making a lasting impact on his life.

Together, we can give Pip the happy ending he deserves!

Sponsor Ralphy!

Ralphy’s story is heartwarming yet incomplete. He’s brightened our sanctuary for half his life, charming everyone on walks. Despite his playful spirit and big personality, his forever home hasn’t appeared yet.

Here’s how you can be Ralphy’s hero:

Become Ralphy’s Sunshine Sponsor! Your recurring donation will shower him with love and support while he waits for his perfect match.

Your ongoing gift will make a difference:

  • Happy & Healthy: Ensure Ralphy receives nutritious food, regular checkups, and any medical care he needs.
  • Playful Pup: Help us keep Ralphy’s tail wagging with stimulating toys and enriching activities.
  • Extra TLC: Your support allows us to treat Ralphy to special outings and yummy surprises!

Shine a light on Ralphy’s future:

By becoming a recurring sponsor, you’ll be a constant source of love and support for Ralphy. Together, we can make his time at the sanctuary the best it can be, while keeping hope alive for his forever home!

Sponsor Bear!