The Clymping Isolation Dog Show!

The Clymping Isolation Dog Show!

We're out to find the best quarantine fur babies!

Is your dog entertaining you during your isolation?

Have you managed to teach your pup new tricks during your time at home?

Or, has your pup just been super excited to have you home with them?!

As we can’t do our normal dog show or Easter events at this time, we’ve decided to hold a Facebook competition to celebrate the nation’s pooches and give people a little furry happiness in their timelines!

We’re putting together a bumper hamper filled with toys, treats, and other amazing things for the winner and runners up (to be sent after the government guidance is lifted!). 

As we’re bias and believe every dog is a winner, we’re getting our Facebook community to vote on the winners!

There will be 3 rounds where people will be able to ‘vote’ for their favourites by ‘liking’ their photos/videos.

Round 1: Every dog who enters,

Round 2: The top 10, and

Final Round: The top 5.

The top dog will win our bumper pack, with the next 2 runners up winning some prizes as well.

Do you think your pooch is the best boy or girl in the nation? Well, let our Facebook community decide! 

Here are the rules:

  1. Enter by Friday 17th April, 9pm. Entries and donations made after this won’t go towards the competition.
  2. Each entry requires a £2 donation. You can enter multiple dogs, but each requires a £2 donation. Please use this form to donate through our PayPal and make sure you enter your dogs name in the comment so we know which pooch your donation links to: Entry Donation Form
  3. Use the form below to submit your entry, giving us a photo or video (or both!) of your beautiful dog!
  4. Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for when we announce our contestants! 
  5. When the entries are live on Facebook, vote for your favourites!
  6. Make sure you share the competition and get your Facebook friends to like our page and vote as well!!

    Before you send us your entry, please make sure you’ve donated your £2 entry fee using your dogs name in the comment here: Pay Entry Fee Here